Five Great Ways to Rediscover Atlanta´s Iconic Sites

Written By Diego Garzón

The city of Atlanta has gone through many transformations throughout its history. In recent years, it has made an effort to stand out as an innovative and evolving city. Examples of this effort can be seen all over the city with many new construction projects, new skyscrapers, fresh initiatives, and imaginative revitalizations of popular areas of the city such as the famous Atlanta Underground shopping and entertainment center. Other areas and attractions in Atlanta have also continued to evolve and refresh their appeal to keep the new generations interested in classic attractions. Here are five suggestions for rediscovering Atlanta's classic sites.
Rediscovering The World of Coca-Cola
The Original World of Coca-Cola museum opened its doors back in 1990 near Underground Atlanta, and occupied this location until it was moved to a 92,000-square-foot building in 2007. The museum has kept some of the classic attractions like sampling Coke from all over the world. However, for those of you who have been there many times in the past, World of Coca-Cola has plenty of new and fun activities to offer. For instance, the classic vault containing the secret formula has been updated technologically to include an interactive adventure where you are transformed into an effervescent bubbling form and immersed into the bubble and fizz of Coca‑Cola. Other fun things to do include a 4-D theatre adventure, meeting the famous Coca-Cola Polar Bear, art galleries, an interactive portrait wall, and so much more, including events and presentations. Definitely not your average museum!
Six Flags at Night
Any vacation or visit to Atlanta is a great excuse to visit Six Flags Over Georgia amusement park. This park is home to thrilling rides and fun adventures that continue to get updated and renovated every year to satisfy the demand for thrills. The park also features concerts, events, shopping and dining options, and a long list of activities for a fun time for the entire family. However, to truly experience this park in a different perspective visit it during night hours. Depending on the season of the year, the park will vary its hours of operation. However, during summer and special events like Halloween, the park will stay open later and you can ride the park´s heart-pounding roller-coasters at night and discover a whole different experience. If you happen to visit around Halloween, haunted spirits, zombies, ghosts and many other creepy characters will scare you throughout the night.

Personal CNN Studio Tours
CNN is an Atlanta icon with worldwide fame as the biggest news network in the world. CNN´s world headquarters is located in Atlanta and is a symbol of the city. To continue to attract old and new visitors, the studio has expanded the options to visit the facilities, making an effort towards offering more personalized and intimate visits. So, if you´re not too excited about the classic tour of the facilities and how everything works, book a tour that will get you VIP treatment and access to areas like live newsrooms and state-of-the-art facilities usually out of bounds to visitors. Or, you can even book a more private tour with news anchors like Robin Meade to see a more personal perspective on news TV production.
New Experiences at The Georgia Aquarium
One of the most popular attractions in Atlanta is its huge aquarium. The Georgia Aquarium was first opened in 2005 and since then it has continued to evolve and is still one of the most visited places in Atlanta. However, to maintain its relevance, the Aquarium has come up with imaginative new events and exhibits like the 4D Funbelievable Theatre, a virtual reality simulator ride, imagination nights, sleepover programs, and much more.
More to Do in Centennial Olympic Park
The main center for the 1996 Olympics, the park is built in what were once vacant lots. Since then, Centennial Olympic Park has evolved into one of the most beloved Atlanta iconic sites, and receives thousands of visitors each day. With its wonderful gardens and water features, the park is perfect for hiking, picnics, and other activities. However, there are plenty of other ways to experience Centennial Olympic Park. For starters, the park hosts numerous varied events throughout the year that include, concerts, fairs, expos, and more. Additionally, the park´s surrounding area is known as the Centennial Olympic Park District and has flourished into a walkable, safe, vibrant and fun collection of world-class attractions, renowned dining options, hotels and a host of entertainment options.

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