USA Roadtrip Series

In  May 2015, the two of us and our best friend Ila left Toronto in our banged up but well loved Pontiac minivan, and set off across America to seek our fortunes. Over the next 4 months, we travelled over 20,000 km, crossing 26 states (and 3 Canadian provinces), and stopping at countless iconic landmarks. We crossed deserts and mountains, drove through blistering sun and torrential downpours, and set up camp in lush forests and inner city ghettos. Along the way we met many amazing and generous people, forming life-long friendships, and maybe most importantly learned a lot about ourselves.
One year on, we have settled (for a while at least) in Australia, on the other side of the world. In this series, we will reminisce about our time on the road with articles, fandom travels, photos and recipes, and hope this inspires you to set out on a journey of your own sometime.

Happy Adventures

The Greatest Show On Earth

New Orleans Magic

Catching The Big One

Midnight in Death Valley

Arches in The  Moab Desert

The Great Salt Lake

The Oasis

Land of the Gods

The Wild Wild West

Photo Diary

How To Plan A Roadtrip


Casinos & Canyons

Discover Atlanta